Bringing the Dead Back to Life through Holograms:Billie Holiday, Red Fox, and Andy Kaufman


Bringing the Dead Back to Life through Holograms: Billie Holiday, Red Fox, and Andy Kaufman

If under age 40, you’ve likely missed watching some of the greatest talent to grace the stages. Music tracks or media clips allow re-experiencing great vocal or comedic acts from the past. However, nothing compares to live performances during the 1950’s-70’s. However, technology companies are looking to solve this by recreating the experiences via holograms.

For example, the Apollo Theater announced that it will partner with a tech company to develop an educational component to the Apollo experience starring Billie Holiday herself. In order to accomplish this, an optical effect called Pepper’s Ghost is utilized. This is where hidden images are projecting onto glass and is seen by the audience. The Billie Holiday hologram will provide educational insight on the history of the Apollo Theater and may sing a song or two in the presentation. Holiday was a main fixture of the Apollo in the 1950s, appearing in concert more than thirty times.

In addition to Holiday at Apollo, there is a new comedy tour in 2016 that will feature Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx’s classic comedy routines. Those under the age of 40 may not remember Kaufman or Foxx. They may have seen these comedians on shows, such as Taxi and Sanford and Son, but many have not had the chance to see their acts live since Kaufman passed away in ’84 and Foxx ’91.

Past Media Use of Holograms

We have seen these types of virtual performances in greater frequency over the years. The two most notable ones are the Michael Jackson concert and Tupac Shakur performance in Coachella in 2012. The proliferation of hologram performances indicates that there could be a market for these virtual forms of entertainment. Lines between reality and imagination are becoming increasingly blurred each day at concerts, corporate content presentations, etc. This is due to strong advancements in AV hardware and software as well as growing familiarity and acceptance by viewers.

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