Can Technology Make Small Talk Easier for Corporate Representatives at Trade Shows?

There are many challenges to running a booth at a tradeshow, but perhaps none is as difficult or crucial as trying to engage with your audience. It’s not enough to know that you have a good product or service on your hands and be passionate about your material. Increasingly, people only stop to investigate something that attracts their attention in an overt way. New technology features make small talk easier and is a sure way in helping you reach this goal!

With unique and eye-catching displays, you can make it easy to get people over to your exhibit and keep them there. From interactive kiosks and charging stations to live polling and virtual reality, there are tons of new technological designs that can enhance your visitors’ experience and give you and them something to talk about. Here are some of the ways that cool, innovative technology can help your booth and your conversation:

Standout visuals make it easier to draw people in

When you’re at a trade show, you are competing with everyone around you for a share of the attention – but what gets attention? Certainly not drab designs, boring PowerPoint slides, overlong pamphlets, and pitching someone’s ear off. You’ll need something that stands out visually and gains peoples’ attention before they even know what you’re offering. A good display will be colorful, interesting in design, and make guests gravitate towards your booth without realizing it. Once there, you will have an obvious talking point to start out with!

Interactive kiosks get visitors talking and asking questions

Technology Make Small Talk Easier

Once visitors are there, your job (and the job of your display) is to keep them interested. If you have a bland setup, any guests who happen to wander over will wander away just as quickly. After all, this is about marketing your business and products. If the selling point is attractive and well-designed, people will pay attention to it. Sometimes when they weren’t interested to begin with.

On the other hand, nobody appreciates bad salesmanship and pitchiness for the sake of it. Interactive kiosks keep visitors interested in how technology works. Further kiosks get people talking about how this relates to your products and services. This makes it easy for you to step in and engage.

Give the reps a way to make pitches more interesting

Technology Make Small Talk Easier

You do have a pitch to give, no matter how much you try to be relatable and discretely goal-driven. How can you manage to get the message out without alienating your audience? It’s easy when the delivery method involves new tech, a great deal of which is interactive and requires participation.

Holographic displays are useful to demonstrate how products work. Also, custom games enlighten people about your processes, and live voting & polling can make audience members feel like they have a voice. Millennials especially love to give their opinions. This means polling can be a great way to draw them in and simultaneously gather useful data. Having guests talk about what they think and then entering it into your system is a perfect segue for conversations.

If you want your trade show booth to be a success and your representatives to have something to talk about, investing in tech-forward AV rentals is a must. How do you get conversations going with prospective clients?