Disney & Christie Partnering to Create Buzzworthy Events

Buzzworthy Event

As writing this blog post, Star Wars the Force Awakens is a few million dollars away from breaking the domestic box office record set by Avatar. It has a few hundred million dollars until it beats Avatar for the all-time global box office record. However, this isn’t dismissible as it will premiere in China, the second biggest box office audience, next week. The movie received good reviews, and fans remarked the magic of the Star Wars universe is back after being sullied by prequels.

Disney didn’t pull punches to generate buzz for the event. However they did partner with Christie to create a remarkable premiere event in New York City. This helped the red carpet attendees get excited before the famous opening credits ever appeared on the big screen. How was Christie able to do this? Here are several things they did to create an event before the event:

According to its press release for the event, Christie has partnered up with Disney on several red carpet events in the past, including The Pirates of the Caribbean premiere and High School Musical. With this past working relationship, Disney called Christie to deliver a stunning red carpet atmosphere capturing the event’s energy. Christie designers and AV technicians were able to accomplish this with display panels projecting various 4K Star Wars content.

Christie utilized 388 of its Christie MicroTiles as the backdrop for the red carpet. In addition, there were 18 additional display panels used throughout the event location in New York City. The end goal was to create a show before the show even started, and Christie was able to accomplish this. Given stakes of successful movie making, Disney realized it needed to create a premiere event that would have everyone talking.

This is a lesson for any company wanting to create a buzzworthy event – whether it’s a movie premiere, new product introduction, or tradeshow booth. The bar is rising for how to incorporate technology to create a stunning AV presentation. AV Rental Depot, a long-time partner of Christie Digital can help you find the AV equipment you need to wow your audience, including a vast inventory of MicroTiles.

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