What Will We See in the AV Industry in 2016?

2016 will be an interesting time in the AV industry. New technologies will emerge and older technologies will become obsolete. Millennials are another year older now and move to be the targeted audience companies develop their content around. Security will continue to become a major issue in the AV industry, and corporations will use technology to better collaborate and conduct business. What will we see in AV in 2016? Here are several things you might see at your next conference event, in the department store, or at the office:

AV Industry

4K Will Become the Standard for all Content. The 4K resolution has been in existence for some time, but networks have been slow to incorporate it into programming. 4K is visible if streaming  from Netflix or Amazon, and it seems 4K DVDs will finally be available this year. However, networks have been very slow to upgrade. This is because there hasn’t been enough in sales to warrant the transition. However, that is changing as more people bought 4K televisions this holiday season. Experts predict that 4K offerings will increase tenfold this year. This means that companies must pair 4K with the highest level of technology in video displays whenever possible with their events to ensure that their content remains relevant to an audience that is steadily seeing more in 4K.

Security Concerns with the Internet of all Things. The idea of the Internet of Things (IOT) has been around since the 1990s. However, as Dave Yin in ComputerDealerNews points out, technology companies were more concerned with getting devices to work with one another rather than security. As we are learning, data is a high commodity and security breaches can have a major impact on users. In 2016, expect companies to do more to ensure security, so breaches don’t happen. As the presence of IOT becomes more quantifiable for a number of different solutions, security will be a greater concern for companies and organizations.

Digital Signage to Appeal to Millennials: Jennifer Davis for InfoComm discussed how digital signage is perfect for millennials. It not only ties in with mobile, but it can be customizable to individual person viewing the content. We’ve highlighted how digital signage is being used to attract customers in the past. As retailers look to continue enhancing retail experiences to get millennial customers in stores and off the web, expect digital signage to be utilized even more in 2016 to get them through the doors.