Datapath X4 Kit


X4 Kit is now available for 1U rack mount format (438×172 x40mm)


Datapath X4 kit

Datapath x4 Kit is a stand alone wall display controller accepting a standard single or dual-link DVI input. This kit can then display inputs flexibly across up to 4 output monitors.

Each individual output is able to be driven as DVI or analog RGB. Similarly, this can represent a random region of the original input image to crop. Furthermore, the output resolution and frame rate is not necessary to be related to the input. This is because the Datapath x4 display controller has options to upscale and convert frame rates to each independent region users want to crop.

Also, the x4 kit is now available for 1U rack mount format (438×172 x40mm).

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions6.9 x 9.3 x 1.74 in
Dimensions (Datapath x4-1U)

17.24 x 6.77 x 1.58in / 438 x 172 x 40mm (W x L x H)


4 x single-link DVI or Analog RGB outputs: To 165 Mpixel/s

Firmware Support

Updates supported via USB

USB 2.0

Full Speed (12 bit/s) operation supported

Input Surface

4k x 4k maximum

Output Screens Resolutions

Up to 2.5 Mpixel (maximum 2048 pixels in either directions)

1 x dual-link DVI-D capture

To 330 Mpixel/s

Arbitrary Up Scaling

64 x original surface area

Operating Temperature

0-35 Deg°C / 32-96°F

Power Requirements

5V DC, 18W
Datapath x4: Universal mains (100-240V) adapter supplied
Datapath x4-1U: Internal PSU (100-240V)


Internal cooling fans in both models
Note: x4-1U has a larger fan, producing less noise