Clear-Com HMS-4X Main Station


The HMS-4X is a 1RU digital partyline main station that provides power and up to 12 networked channels of audio. A single Main Station can support up to 20 digital beltpacks on a single shielded twisted-pair cable.


Clear-Com HMS-4X Main Station Highlights

  • High Channel Density. The HMS-4X features four independent intercom channels and power for beltpacks transmitted over shielded twisted-pair (Ex. microphone cable, CAT5, or CAT6 cable).
  • No Rewiring Required. System is specifically designed to preserve investment by operating on shielded existing infrastructure.
  • Single Cable Operation. Fewer cables save time and cost during setup and configuration.
  • No Hum. No Buzz. All-digital system offers immunity to electro-magnetic interference and ground loops.
  • High User Capacity. Connect up to 20 beltpacks on one HMS-4X Main Station across four channels.
  • Quick Startup. Get up-and-running fast and effortlessly with easy plug-and-go installation and hardware auto-discovery.
  • Seamless Interfacing. Optional two-wire and four-wire modules interface with existing analog intercom systems and audio devices.
  • Easy-to-Navigate Menu. Quickly access system settings and configuration for fast and effortless set up.
  • Easy Updates. Apply firmware maintenance and upgrades easily via USB ports.

Additional information

Weight5.83 lbs
Dimensions13 x 19 x 1.75 in
Input Voltage Range

100 – 240VAC

Input Frequency Range

50 – 60Hz

Input Power

<= 250VAC

Output Voltage

+/-29VDC ± 1V

Output Current per Channel

1.5A (continuous)

Power Connector




Model Number