Isis Group-4461A MiniBlox™ SDI Audio Embedder


Unit is housed in an extremely compact and rugged aluminum case, suitable for both field and studio applications.


Isis Group – 4461A MiniBlox™ SDI Audio Embedder

The Isis Group 4461A SDI analog audio embedder embeds two balanced stereo audio pairs into the ancillary data space of a 270Mb/s SDI stream. The analog input samples at 24-bits and can users can also embed as a 20 or 24 bit audio. Embedding conforms to SMPTE 272M and allows audio to insert into any of the four groups. Can also add existing audio groups to or completely remove. In addition, can insert digital silence when an audio feed is absent. Also, the unit possess an automatic input cable equalization and a SDI output that users can easily re-clock.

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Weight3 lbs