Crown Amp Rack for JBL VRX 932


Multiple Crown Amplifier Rack can power up to 6-JBL VRX 932 & 4-JBL VRX 918S speaker cabinets.


Crown Amp Rack for JBL VRX 932

The Crown Amp Rack for JBL VRX 932 includes 3 Crown I-Tech 5000 amps. The Crown I-Tech Series offers amazing power, light weight portability and ease of use for touring sound applications. Onboard DSP (Digital Signal Processing) provides a wide array of signal processing (compression, limiting, filters, and so on). Similarly, this greatly reduces the need for rack components and rack wiring. The DSP features 24-bit, 96 kHz A/D and D/A converters.

Also, all models in the I-Tech Series are compatible with IQ Network and TCP/IQ networking. The IT8000 has a power rating at 20 Hz to 20 kHz of 3500W (2-ohm dual, per channel), 4000W (4-ohm dual, per channel) 2100W (8-ohm dual, per channel), 7000W (4-ohm bridge), and 8000W (8-ohm bridge). Pushbutton DSP presets simplify the setup. Custom presets can be downloaded into the amplifier, making it easy to configure for various loudspeaker arrays.

Additional Features

Global Power Supply works anywhere in the world, and offers PFC (Power Factor Correction). Additionally, it is a switching power supply for reduced weight. I-Tech amplifiers provide amazing power: up to 8 kW continuous and 10 kW peak in a 2U rack space. Having the highest output voltage in the industry (200V peak), provides clean transient peaks. Also, the 3rd-generation patented Class I (BCA) circuitry couples power efficiently to the load and provides low current drain. A front-panel control screen shows advanced diagnostics and status information.

All controls are set via the front panel. Comprehensive arrays of indicators provide accurate diagnostics: Power, Data, Bridge, along with Ready, Signal, Clip, Thermal and Fault for each channel. An AC mains indicator in the power switch glows green when AC power is present. Input connectors include analog XLR and digital AES/EBU. Thru connectors are provided. Furthermore, output connectors are Speakon and 5-way binding posts. Advanced protection includes a management controller & 2 discrete thermal zones with variable-speed, forced-air cooling.

Additional information

Weight194 lbs

VRX 932


25"H x 22"W x 30"L

Power Connector