Martin Mac 700 Wash


*Price is per lamp. Items sold as a pair with a road case.


  • 700 W short arc discharge lamp
  • Total output up to 18700 lumens
  • CMY color mixing system
  • 8 position color wheel plus open
  • Variable CTC
  • Indexing & rotating beamshaper
  • Strobe effect 2 – 10 Hz, random strobe, pulse effects
  • Motorized zoom
  • Mechanical dimming
  • Pan and tilt range of 540°/246°
  • Electronic ballast with hot lamp restrike and flicker free light
  • Variable fan control for quieter operation



Martin Mac 700 Wash Highlights

The MAC 700 Wash is exceptionally powerful and features clean, even, soft-edged beam, motorized zoom, indexible beam-shaper and rich CMY color mixing.

This produces a beautiful, clean and even beam from center to edge, creating a solid foundation for everything else.

The fixture creates an ideal balance between optical performance and output.

This Wash gives users an incredibly powerful beam of smooth uniform light.

A 700 watt, double-ended, short arc lamp works in harmony with a tremendously efficient reflector and optical system to punch out more light than most compact fixtures.

The Wash’s brightness is astounding, matching or surpassing output of higher wattage lamps.

Soft Edge Beam

The MAC 700 Wash has soft, uniform beam edges and an even light and color output.

This gives a smooth distribution across projected surfaces allowing seamless overlaps of beams for large stage and set areas.

Quiet Operation

The MAC 700 Wash combines a clever heat management design with head and base temperature sensors to ensure fan speeds are kept to a minimum bringing noise levels down to suit theater and TV studio applications.

Motorized Zoom

A variable motorized zoom allows for full control over the beam angle of the MAC 700 Wash. Without restrictions or lens changes, the fixture zooms continuously from a slender 12.5 to a broad 66° (tenth peak angles).

This ensures that the beam maintains a smooth and even form at every step along the zoom range.

Seamless CMY Color Mixing

A CMY color-mixing system mixes colors instantly and accurately. The system employs six, coated dichroic flags providing a full spectrum of fantastic rich colors.

Mechanically short distances make for extremely fast color bumps while the award-winning optical design of the MAC family ensures smooth, even light and color distribution.

Eight Position Color Wheel

As well as the CMY color mixing system the MAC 700 Wash features a separate color wheel with eight slots plus open.

Color selections may be changed quickly and easily, offering a seemingly limitless array of color combinations and effects.

Indexing and Rotating Beam Shaper

The beam shaping system dynamically changes the round light beam into a rotating, elliptical form for accurate beam placement on facades, stages and objects.

The beam can be indexed through 360° for total precision while the continuous rotation also creates an arresting mid-air effect.

Variable Color Temperature 4000 K 3200 K

Provides flexibility in color temperature and gives warmer, more saturated shades.

This is also a major benefit when calibrating fixtures with a disparity in lamp age and therefore actual color output.

Further it is useful in matching color temperatures when working with tungsten fixtures or in theater and television applications.

The range with a HTI lamp is 7500 to 3200K.

Dimming and Strobing

Also, accurate full range dimmer/shutter system allows for smooth and fast intensity changes, from long fade, or a snap to blackout.

As a shutter, accelerated strobe effects are possible up to 10 Hz.

Flicker-Free Light

The PFC electronic ballast provides the fixture with a flicker-free image making it ideal for television and film work.

It also allows the Wash to run in a reduced power mode; extending lamp life and further reducing their low noise output. Hot lamp re-strikes are also possible, further ensuring lamp preservation.

Rapid and Precise Pan & Tilt

540° pan and 246° tilt are possible through Martin’s outstanding pan and tilt motors, drivers and software. This results in rapid movement with noticeably less noise than other fixtures on the market.

An intelligent positioning correction system automatically returns the Wash to its original position should it accidentally be knocked out of place. Also, the wash features a multi-position, tilt-lock mechanism to permit easy maintenance and handling.

Easy Maintenance

An exceptionally functional modular design allows you fast and easy, tool-free access to critical components, reducing maintenance periods and saving time and money.

A focus on product efficiency also means the MAC 700 Wash has strong standardized modules and parts shared with the MAC 700 Profile, simplifying logistics and lowering stock investment.


The MAC 700 Wash is DMX512-controllable, equipped with both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR in/out sockets.

Further, it is totally compatible with coming standards such as Remote Device Management.

Border Proof

An auto-sensing power supply covers worldwide voltages and frequencies allowing this fixture to operate anywhere in the world.

Tour Proof Case Design

The flight case design is recognized in the industry as one of the best for transporting lighting fixtures.

Features a durable ply composition and tough water-repellent coating for additional protection.

Additional information

Weight70.6 lbs
Dimensions17.7 x 14.4 x 25.8 in
Lamp type

700 W short arc discharge

Approved model

OSRAM HTI 700/D4/75



Hot restrike



Double-ended SFc10-4 with key

Color mixing

Seamless CMY, 0 – 100%, independent 8- or 16-bit control

Color wheel

8 replaceable filters (6 colors, 3200-4100 K CTC and UV) plus open, 8- or 16-bit control

Color temperature control

7500 – 3200 K variable 0 – 100%, 8- or 16-bit control

Beam effects

Indexable and high-speed continuous rotating beam shaper


0 – 100% dimming, 8- or 16-bit control, strobe effect variable 2 – 10 Hz, 8-bit control


5:1 (12.5°- 66°), 8- or 16-bit control


540°, 8- and 16-bit control


246°, 8- and 16-bit control

Position correction system



Glass cold light

One-tenth peak output

17000 lumens at 50°

One-tenth peak angle

12.5° – 66°

Total output

18700 lumens at 50° one-tenth peak angle

Cutoff angle

16.5° – 83°

Measurement conditions

230 V, 50 Hz, no effects applied

Measurement test lamp

Osram HTI 700/D4/75

DMX channels

16 (16-bit basic mode) or 23 (16-bit extended mode)

Setting and addressing

Control panel or MP-2 uploader

Movement control options

Tracking and/or vector


Opto-isolated RS-485


USITT DMX-512 (1990)

Firmware update

Serial upload (MUF)


Steel & aluminum, shock resistant design


UV-resistant fiber-reinforced composite

Housing color


Protection factor

IP 20

Mounting points

2 pairs of 1/4-turn locks

Minimum distance from illuminated surface

1.2 m (48 in.)

Minimum distance from combustible materials

0.5 m (20 in.)



AC power input

3 m integral cable without power plug

DMX data in/out

3-pin and 5-pin locking XLR

AC power

100-120/208-240 VAC nominal, 50/60 Hz

Power supply

Auto-ranging electronic switch-mode

Main fuse (100 - 120 V power)

15 AT (slow blow), P/N 05020027

Main fuse (208 - 240 V power)

6.3 AT (slow blow), P/N 05020020

Typical power and current

@ 100 V, 60 Hz . . . . . . . . . . 1019 W, 10.3 A, PF 0.996
@ 120 V, 60 Hz . . . . . . . . . . 988 W, 8.3 A, PF 0.995
@ 208 V, 60 Hz . . . . . . . . . . 949 W, 4.7 A, PF 0.976
@ 230 V, 50 Hz . . . . . . . . . . 944 W, 4.2 A, PF 0.973
@ 240 V, 50 Hz . . . . . . . . . . 940 W, 4.0 A, PF 0.970
@ 250 V, 50 Hz . . . . . . . . . . 940 W, 3.9 A, PF 0.966

Maximum ambient temperature (Ta)

40° C (104° F)

Maximum surface temperature, steady state, Ta = 40° C

160° C (320° F)


Filtered forced air (temperature regulated, low noise)

Total heat dissipation (calculated, 230 V, 50 Hz / 110 V, 60 Hz)

3190 BTU/hr / 3430 BTU/hr