Brightbox® Mobile Device Charging Station


Brightbox® is a New York City based end-to-end technology and consumer services company. We provide a best-in-class secure mobile device charging solution that supports your business by helping to attract, engage, satisfy and retain customers.


Brightbox® – Mobile Device Charging Station

Better Smartphone Power Security

The Brightbox® is a Highly Secure smartphone charging station. Similarly, boasts safe, optimized power technology and complete digital & physical privacy

Custom Content & Branding

Further your Brand’s reach via a hyper-engaged mobile audience. Also, leverage a needed service with your brand via graphics & video content

Increase Interactive Engagement

In addition, Go beyond passive impressions to create truly experiential touchpoints with intimate user interactions. Produce greater opportunities for audience measurement & data acquisition.

All-in-One “Open” Platform

Integrated web portal platform for easy management of remote support, content, interactivity and real-time data reporting.

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Weight50 lbs