103″ Panasonic Monitor & Screenlifter


Experience the world’s largest mobile HD Plasma Monitor and Screenlifter by renting this complete package for your next event. Daily and weekly rates available!


103″ Panasonic Monitor & Screenlifter

Combining the best screen lifter and Panasonic’s enormous flat panel display is the complete package for mobile HD applications.

Moreover, the Panasonic 103 inch display is equivalent to four – 50″ plasma monitors, giving you the highest quality view possible!

Furthermore, the screen lifter system makes handling and setup of the newest generation industrial size displays a simple process.

By simply touching a button, the 552 lb (250 kg) heavy display unloads itself out of the road case.

Thanks to a stable and precise drive unit, installation height is continuously variable and can even rotate for vertical setups.

Ideal for staging effects, convention signage, hotel displays, gaming/HD broadcast, studios and control center precision viewing.

The 103″ Panasonic Monitor and Screenlifter is also viewable in action via our “Screen Lifter Video” below.

Additional information

Weight1460 lbs
Dimensions5.98 x 94.96 x 55.9 in