Prestop PT-M-Smartlift


Rent the Prestop PT-M Smart Lift to increase the scope of multi-user touch screens. Besides high/low functions, it’s also able to tilt the lift at any angle, from vertical to horizontal and everything in between. Transform a multi-user Touch Screen into a multi-user Touch Table!




Prestop PT-M-Smartlift

Easily Adjustable height

Renting the Prestop PT-M-Smartlift provides you with a control system easily set to many different heights. Also, the height adjustment is step-less making any feasible height possible (with a maximum of 1625 mm, center of screen).  Furthermore, a remote control is available as an optional feature providing even greater convenience.

Smart Lift

Interactivity at its max! Presenting for a group on a Multi-user Touch Screen in a vertical position provides more interactivity. Also, increase engagement by converting it into a Multi-user Touch Table where the whole group can participate around the unit.


Because of the solid base wheels, the Smart Lift is mobile and allows for use in many different rooms which can save money. Also, comes with a sturdy handle for moving. Wheels/casters come complete with brakes so the unit remains in place.

Adjustable mounting*

The stand comes with a variable mounting system allowing you to mount a lot of different VESAs. Additionally, for bigger sizes rentals include separate supplied conversion bracket for up to VESA 800×400. The Smart Lift has a recommended mounted volume of 100 kg and maximum advised multi-user touchscreen of 65”.


Additional information

Weight110.23 lbs

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