Folsom ImagePRO SDI Scan Converter


A scan converter, switcher and transcoder all in one base unit.


Folsom ImagePRO SDI

The Folsom ImagePRO SDI is a powerful all-in-one signal processor that accepts a wide range of video input signals and processes them into a various signal formats to meet a number of applications. This device performs as a scan converter, switcher and transcoder in one base unit. This model features digital and SDI inputs and outputs.


  • Utilizes Athena™, Folsom’s new proprietary high performance image processing technology.
  • Three universal inputs accept RGBHV/RGBS/RGsB computer video, component video (SD or HDTV), s-video, or composite video with loop-through
  • Four video outputs; (2) RGB or component video, (1) composite video, and (1) s-video
  • User-defined aspect ratio conversion and adjustments
  • Pan and zoom
  • Freeze
  • 10-Bit processing
  • Motion Adaptive and Field to Frame de-interlacing modes
  • 3:2 pulldown detection for NTSC and 2:2 film detection for PAL video sources
  • Decodes NTSC, PAL, and SECAM
  • Ethernet for real-time control
  • Encodes NTSC and PAL
  • Genlock, H/V Lock and VLock
  • Executive mode: protects system configuration settings during use
  • 64 independent memory presets
Video Inputs:

4 Universal Inputs:

  • (3) high bandwidth video channels support RGBHV/RGBS/RGsB computer video,component video (SD or HDTV), S-video, or Composite video.
  • (1) SDI on a BNC

Connectors: Input 1 and 2 on 15-pin HD connectors with buffered loop-through. Input 3 on five BNC connectors with buffered loopthrough.

Input Resolution Range: VGA (640×480), SVGA(800×600), XGA(1024×768), SXGA (1280×1204), UXGA(1600×1200), HDTV 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1080i, 875 RS-343, 525 RS-170
Standard Resolution Video Input: NTSC, PAL or SECAM
Horizontal Frequency: 15 kHz to 120 kHz
Vertical Frequency: 25 Hz to 120 Hz
Input Termination: 75 Ohm
Input Sync: Sync-on-Video, Separate C or H/V
External Sync: (Genlock) Input: Blackburst, Computer H/V Sync or C-sync.
Connectors: BNC

Video Outputs:

5 Connectors:

  • RGB or component video (SD or HDTV) on HD-15
  • RGB or component video (SD or HDTV) or composite video on five BNC
  • Composite video on BNC
  • S-video on 4-pin mini-DIN connector
  • SDI on BNC

Standard resolution video output: NTSC, PAL

  • High resolution output supported: VGA(640×480), SVGA(800×600), XGA(1024×768), SXGA (1280×1204),UXGA(1600×1200). For Plasma Displays 1280×768, 1365×768, 1365×1024. HDTV 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1080i.875 RS-343, 525 RS-170. User definable video output formats supported.
  • Sync: RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, TTL level, Polarity selectable, HDTV. Tri-level Sync supported. 75 ohm Output Impedance.

Additional information

Weight13 lbs
Dimensions14 x 17 x 1.5 in