Slide Projector-35 mm AF AMT


Fully working slide projector — it’s only 40-yrs old!


Slide Projector-35 mm AF AMT

Did you just find a box full of slide pictures, but you no longer have a slide projector to view them? Well, we have a slide projector that is available for rent! Yes, this genuine Slide Projector-35 mm AF AMT is an authentic projector that you can finally view your old slides with! Bring your favorite past memories to life and reminisce with family members over your most treasured events.

The Slide projector rental also includes the projector lens, a remote to advance the slides, as well as extra slide trays. Everything you need to journey back in time. Call now or contact us online for a fast and easy rental quote!



Additional information

Weight13.4 lbs
Dimensions12 x 12 x 4 in