Spider Pod Camera Platform


Elevates a camera tripod and operator up to two feet.


Spider Pod Camera Platform

The Spider Pod Camera Platform, a portable tripod riser and standing platform, elevates a camera tripod and operator two feet. Its’ design caters to professional videographers and filmmakers needs.

Further, it is ideal for news crews who need to raise their camera’s viewpoint, yet do it with speed and stability. The Spider Pod allows a camera operator to shoot above crowds and capture images that are stable and unobstructed.

Large staging risers are often serve as substitutes for camera platforms. However, if an operator shifts footing, the camera and tripod may shake producing an unstable video image.

These problems magnify quickly when multiple shooters are present on shaky staging risers or cameras are zooming in closely.

The Spider Pod features a completely separate tripod riser and standing platform, eliminating any shaking caused by the operator.

Also, supports all standard tripods and has an adjustable leg for uneven surfaces.Works well will ENG or Studio Configuration. The separated tripod riser and platform folds to a slim 3.5″ x 28″ x 28.”

Additional information

Weight74 lbs

Spider Pod

Standing Platform: Height


Standing Platform: Spreader channel length

24 3/4"

Standing Platform: Spreader channel width


Standing Platform: Weight capacity

200 lbs.

Tripod Riser: Height


Tripod Riser: Area

23 1/4" x 23 1/4"

Tripod Riser: Carpeted Area

15" x 15"

Tripod Riser: Weight capacity

300 lbs.

Riser & Platform (folded): Weight

41 lbs

Riser & Platform (folded): Size

3 1/2" x 28" x 28"