JBL VTX M20 Dual Professional Stage Monitor


  • Elegant, low profile, compact design suitable for touring and high profile broadcast applications
  • State of the art JBL transducers, including Differential Drive™ cone transducers and D2 dual diaphragm dual voice coil compression driver
  • 60×60 High Frequency Waveguide featuring JBL's patented Image Control Waveguide Technology
  • Single-Channel (Passive) and Dual-Channel (Bi-Amp) Operation Modes for maximum flexibility in system configuration and deployment


JBL VTX M20 Dual Professional Stage Monitor

VTX M20 Dual Professional Stage Monitor features a high performance differential drive woofer and a large-format D2 dual-diaphragm dual voice-coil high frequency driver. Also, the option of Single-Channel (Passive) or Dual-Channel (Bi-Amp) operation modes comes standard. This allows users the ability to choose the right option for the application, without compromising in output power or performance.

Drawing on JBL’s history of sharing technological innovations across product lines, the VTX M Series HF waveguide features Image Control Waveguide Technology. This provides users with a broad and stable 60H x 60V coverage delivering maximum gain-before-feedback with the system. The unit  includes all of these premium, tour-ready features inside a modern, low profile 10″ design. The VTX M20 is also lightweight, portable, ergonomic, and show-ready. Even the most demanding, high profile concerts or broadcasting events can be simple with its use. Finally, since VTX M20 is within the VTX family, it equips users with JBL HiQNet Performance Manager with V5 presets.

Additional information

Weight51 lbs
Dimensions20.3 x 22.6 x 13.6 in
Frequency Range (-10 dB)

55 Hz – 19.5 kHz

Coverage Pattern (-6 dB)

Horizontal: 60; Vertical: 60

System Input Power Rating

Passive: 1250 W Continuous (IEC / 100 hour)
Active: LF: 1250 W Continuous (IEC / 100 hour)
HF: 100 W Continuous (IEC / 100 hour)

Maximum Peak Output

136dB (Preset: VTX M20 FR)



Model Number